A quick starters guide for TimesUpp

TimesUpp gives a departure alarm on your smartphone. The free application knows the appointments in your calendar and calculates how long you are traveling to your next appointment. TimesUpp looks at the traffic jams and the delay that you incur as a result. You will receive a push message when it is time to leave. The app even takes parking time into account, and shows how long you wil travel by public transport on the same route.

The dashboard

If you open TimesUpp the dashboard will be shown on the main screen. On this screen you will find information about your next appointment. If you want a quick overview of your next appointments, you can scroll down. If you want to see the route information of your next appointments, scroll to the right.


   Where do you want to go?

At the top of the screen you can quickly enter your destination and add a calendar item.

   Your favorites

    Compleet travel advice for your next trip

Press the map and you will receive detailed information about your journey including the alternative routes.Read more about setting calendars, appointments and favorite destinations here:

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