A quick starters guide to TimesUpp

TimesUpp is an application that helps you leave on time for your next appointment. TimesUpp knows the traffic situation in great detail, calculates potential delays and sends you a push message when it’s time to go.

How does it work?

In order to be able to notify you when you should leave, TimesUpp will try and look in to your agenda/calendar for any appointments with a location attached to it. As soon as TimesUpp has found such an appointment, it will locate you on the map and start calculating your route! In order to do this, TimesUpp needs access to your agenda and your location at all times. 

Getting Started

Open up the TimesUpp application, you will be introduced through a short tutorial covering some of the functionalities of TimesUpp (if this is the first time that you launch TimesUpp). You will also be prompted to give TimesUpp access to location services and your agenda, please give TimesUpp permission to use both. 

Het mainscreen

After the short tutorial you will be redirected to the main screen (the trip screen). This screen shows you information about your next trip.  


The menubar

At the bottom of the screen you will find the menu bar displayed. In the middle you find your next travel advice or your next appointment. By tapping the agenda button on the bottom you can switch between your agenda and the mainscreen.


Selecting different means of transportation

On the bottom of the main screen you find this icon where you can choose your preferred way of traveling.

You can select your preferred way of traveling by tapping on one of the icons displayed in this bar (from left to right: car, train, bike, foot). You can tell TimesUpp to calculate your route immediately by tapping the right icon.

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Your next appointment

In the section displayed above you can find information about your next appointment. When you do not have an agenda, appointment or frequent location set up, you won't see any travel information.

Read more about setting up calendars, appointments and favorite destinations here: 

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Travel information

You can view information about your route here. On the screen you will find mapped route from your current location to your appointment's or frequent location. On the top you will find details about the length of the trip, time of arrival and time of departure.

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