Can I add an second work location?

Yes, you can enter a second Work or Home location as follows:


You go to Favorites at the bottom of the bar on the dashboard (start page) and press at New top right of the screen.


• Title: Enter a title for your favorite location.  
•  Location: Then enter your address with street-or house number for an exact location determination. 
•  Travel by: Indicate whether you are traveling by car, bicycle, public transport or walking.  
•  Type: Note. It is also important to indicate Work or Home by Favorite type.


Enable Smart Planning and TimesUpp also processes those travel times in your diary. Will there be an appointment in between? Then you will not get a departure alarm. If you want a departure alarm at a fixed time, your Smart Planning will switch off a departure alarm at a hard time. That is our new Smart Planning function!

Do not forget to press Save at the top right.

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