I'm receiving notifications that are incorrect and/or inaccurate...

There are several causes when it comes to incorrect and/or inaccurate push notifications. 


Wrong Address
Please make sure that the address of your appointment or frequent is the actual location you wish to travel to. You can manage your appointment’s or frequent’s locations by navigating to Agenda or Favorites at the bottom of the bar. Tap an appointment or favorite to check an address (location) and adjust if necessary.

Location services

If your location services are unavailable or turned off, TimesUpp is unable to determine your exact location on the map. Because of this, TimesUpp will locate you somewhere on the map, probably on a place where you’re not at that moment. TimesUpp will then try and calculate your travel time from that location causing incorrect and/or inaccurate push messages.

When you still receive incorrect or inaccurate push messages, even though location services are enabled and available, we would love to hear from you! 

For more information regarding appointment/frequent management, view related articles.

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