What is TimesUpp Sync?

Setting up your TomTom after you get in the car? That is something from the past! TimesUpp now gives the next destination to your TomTom, so you do not have to set up the navigation system yourself.
You can link your TomTom to TimesUpp by using TomTom MyDrive. By connecting TimesUpp with your TomTom, you automatically receive the next destination on your TomTom.

What is TomTom MyDrive?

TomTom MyDrive is a service from TomTom that allows you to manage your navigation system. Since version 1.6 of TimesUpp, you can also link TimesUpp to TomTom MyDrive so that you automatically get your next destination on the TomTom via the cloud.
To use TomTom MyDrive, you must have a TomTom navigation system that supports MyDrive. In addition, you must create a MyDrive account. You can create an account here and see if your TomTom device is suitable for MyDrive.

How do I link TimesUpp to TomTom MyDrive?


First create a TomTom account (skip this step if you already have an account). If you have not created a TomTom account yet, go to the TomTom website by creating one here. Click here


Open TimesUpp and go to the settings page


Click on: TimesUpp Sync


Follow the instructions in TimesUpp and login with your TomTom account


From now on the appointments are forwarded to your TomTom with a destination. The moment you get a departure alarm via TimesUpp, we also send your destination to your TomTom.


To receive the destinations on your TomTom you also need to use the account you have created on your own TomTom.

You can forward unlimited destinations to your TomTom from TimesUpp for € 3.49 a year. But please try before you pay: the function is free for the first 10 times. On the house. ;-)

Synchronization does not work?

Should the problem arise that the connection between TimesUpp and your TomTom has been lost, the solution is to log out and log in again.
Also look with the menu button at TomTom Services if behind MyDrive "Activated" is indicated. If "Not Activated" is indicated you will have to log in again with your password.
After that action the problem must be resolved.

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